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1. Intellectual Property
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2. Access and use of the Website
Access to this website is free. Notwithstanding all efforts to ensure the availability of the website for 24 hours a day, the Entity is not responsible if, for any reason, the website is not available at any time and during a certain period.
Access to the site may be suspended temporarily and without prior notice in case of failure, maintenance or repair of the system, or for reasons unrelated to the Entity.
In this website there are contents, programs and information whose access and visualization will only be available for registered users. This data will be stored and are intended for the management of such access and maintenance of the business relationship.

3. Links
The Entity is not responsible for the quality or truthfulness of the statements reproduced on the Internet pages to which they refer the links (links to other pages) present on this page, since no control is exercised over the contents, products and services offered by third parties.

4. Change of Terms & Conditions
The Entity reserves the right to modify his Terms & Conditions. The user acknowledges and accepts the responsibility to review the website and the Terms & Conditions.

5. Privacy Policy
The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) imposes a strict management of the processing of personal data, implying changes in the process and procedures in organizations. All transactions involving the collection, consultation or otherwise manipulation of personal data within the scope of a company's activity will have to be subject to tight control, ensuring that the individual rights of the citizens are preserved and that the risks of privacy breach are minimized.
The privacy policy described below gives you an overview of how we treat your data and your rights in this regard, in accordance with the new GDPR, and other applicable legislation on privacy and data protection, including local legislation that complements the GDPR.

5.1 The commitment of the Transportadora Ideal do Bairro de Alcântara, Lda.
Over several months we got prepared for these changes in the best way. The following is a summary of our work in this field.

5.2 A multidisciplinary team
Transportadora Ideal do Bairro de Alcântara, Lda., has created a multidisciplinary team responsible for applying the GDPR standards to ensure the compliance with them and maintenance of safety standards to the personal data we have, resulting from our activity, whether in the recruitment process, providers or subcontractors. You can contact our team via Transportadora Ideal do Bairro de Alcântara, Lda., Rua do 5º Centenário, nº. 4, Quinta São João das Areias, 2685-870, Sacavém, Portugal or to

5.3 Rights of the holder of personal data
Right of access – You, as a holder of your own personal data, have the right to obtain confirmation of what personal data we have, for example, who treats them, how they are treated and for what purposes, etc;
Right of Rectification – You have the right to request the rectification/alteration of your personal data at any time;
Right to be Forgotten – You have the right request that your personal data is deleted, as long as there are no valid grounds for its preservation (for example: a current employee who uses his information daily for HR purposes);
Right to Portability – You have the right to receive the data you have provided us in digital format and request its portability to another company;
Right to Withdraw the Consent – You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time regarding the use of your personal data by our company;

5.4 How do we keep your personal data protected?
Transportadora Ideal do Bairro de Alcântara, Lda., develops the best efforts to protect your personal data against destruction, loss, accidental or illegal changes and unauthorized disclosure or access. For this purpose, we use security systems, rules and other procedures to ensure the protection of your personal data, as well as to prevent unauthorized access to data, improper use, disclosure, loss or destruction.
- We have digital security measures, such as firewalls and intrusion detection systems in our systems. We also record the actions performed by our employees on data from other employees, protected and tracked through logging and passwords;
- We have physical security measures, namely restricted and controlled access to our facilities where all the data documentation is located. Our physical archives have controlled access through key/passwords with the registration of all the inputs and outputs;
- We conduct regular audits to ensure compliance with security and privacy policies;

For more information you can contact our team through

6. Cookies Policy

6.1. Cookies are small files that allow a user to be recognized on our website and help us make navigation easier by saving your preferences as well as improving your user experience by ensuring that relevant content is presented to you.

6.2. The use of Cookies is quite common. Transportadora Ideal do Bairro de Alcântara, Lda., uses Cookies to allow the registration of user data and its configuration parameters, as well as to guarantee the privacy of any private area. We also collect information about the most relevant pages for the user and other marketing indicators to improve the user experience and evaluate the effectiveness of our advertising campaigns.
Transportadora Ideal do Bairro de Alcântara, Lda. does not use cookies to store information that allows the user's personal identification, to track the navigation outside our websites, or to use the data stored in Cookies in obtaining prior consent, if it is required.

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At any time, you can control how Cookies are stored on your device or even remove them by changing your browser settings.

7. Contacts
All questions related to this website should be addressed to: Transportadora Ideal do Bairro de Alcântara, Lda., Rua do 5º Centenário, nº. 4, Quinta São João das Areias, 2685-870, Sacavém, Portugal ou para
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